The MX100G-S SIP-ISDN trunking gateway (MX100G-S) provides signaling and media conversion between VoIP and ISDN networks. A typical application is to support enterprise PBX upgrades to IP when the WAN access is ISDN. The MX100G-S supports 1/2/4 T1/E1 ports and up to 512 SIP trunks, to meet the requirement of large and medium-sized enterprises for VoIP services.

High Performance 

The TI ‘C5509 DSPs provide powerful voice-processing capabilities. The  DSP daughter card’s 6000-MIPS processing capability enables the MX100G-S to provide voice signal processing (G.711, G.729A, and G.723.1), echo cancellation, and T.38 fax relay under full-load conditions (120 calls). 

High Security 

To ensure security, the MX100G-S supports SSH and HTTPS for remote access, and provides functions including signaling and media-stream encryption, automatic password strength test, brute-force password cracking prevention, cipher-text data storage, access whitelist, and system-log backup. 

High Reliability 

The MX100G-S provides high-availability features including 1+1 redundancy of Ethernet ports and AC/DC power supplies (optional), and SIP-registration failover. 

Remote Management and Maintainability 

The New Rock Cloud agent embedded in the MX100G-S allows the MX100G-S located behind an enterprise NAT or firewall to be securely accessed across the Internet. Real-time monitoring, alarm notification, remote packet capture and software upgrades can be performed with the New Rock or third-party Equipment Management System with TR-069. 

Comprehensive Feature Set 

As an intelligent gateway running on an embedded Linux operating system, the MX100G-S supports an advanced feature set such as number transformation for calling/called party, automatic routing, RADIUS billing interface, 2nd-stage dial- and ring-back tone, auto dialing, DTMF detection, call-progress analysis, and RTP proxy for NAT/firewall traversal.
-  Supports SIP and IMS protocols
-  Up to 500 routing and call-number transformation rules 
-  Dual-redundant Ethernet ports
-  Dual-AC/DC power supplies (optional)
-  Up to 512 SIP trunks
-  Voice VLAN
-  Remote access via New Rock Cloud
-  Management with New Rock or third-party Element Management Systems (TR-069)
-  Interoperability with popular SIP servers, such as Cisco Unified CallManager (CUCM), Broadsoft, Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync), Huawei IMS, and Asterisk/Elastix
-  Class I lightning protection
Related Solutions
  • In the deployment of VoIP network, New Rock MX-Series VoIP Gateway supports high availability architecture with Primary-Standby, Active-Standby and Load balancing mode.
  • Allows remote and central management of device configuration and firmware upgrades.
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