WeWei App
WeWei™ is a unique SIP-based mobile enterprise phone app. Through wireless and mobile data networks or mobile telephone networks, it reliably makes an employee’s mobile phone to be his/her office telephone extension. With WeWei™, not only can employees stay in touch with customers through their office-telephony system anytime and anywhere, but also customer service assignments can be made through text-based interaction. WeWei™ is designed to work with New Rock’s OM series IP PBX to best enjoy its full benefits, even though it can also be used as a regular SIP-based softphone.

Function Highlights

-  Easy to setup (only need enter a PIN or scan a QR code)
-  WeWei™ can easily register with an OM located behind an enterprise NAT or firewall without the need of a fixed internet IP address or DDNS, nor port mapping on the access router.
-  Supports callback using mobile telephone network in case the quality of mobile data network is unsatisfactory.
-  Want more than just voice calling? Task-oriented text interaction are supported between the WeWei™ and OM.

Keys Telephone Functions

-  Allows to make a call on contact list or call history
-  Receives calls even when the smart-phone screen is turned off.
-  Supports three registration accounts on the same or different OMs.
-  Up to five parties can be invited to a conference.
-  Supports call transfer to another extension or a third outside party.
-  Hands-free calling, call holding and muting a call are available.
-  Provides call history.

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